Beacon Development Company, LLC

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Solutions & Success

‚ÄčOur focus is creating exceptional value.

We specialize in locating, acquiring, developing, and co-developing outstanding hotel properties. Our success is the result of our ability to find and create value throughout the development process. 

We provide complete front to back development services which include:

  • Site Selection and Research
  • Competitive Set Analysis
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Preliminary Hotel Architectural and Engineering - Required to process zoning request or PUD
  • Research Site Utilities
  • Preliminary Zoning and/or PUD required for entitlement of land for hotel
  • All Entitlement Discovery
  • City Meetings
  • Incentive Analysis and Negotiation
  • Deal Structure
  • Project Cost Estimates
  • Project Proformas
  • Construction Management
  • Exit Strategies¬†
  • Investment Capital
  • Private Equity Investors and Partners